Education is a gift that keeps on giving and once received, it cannot be taken away. At the Mendem Foundation, our biggest project is the Education Program because we believe that education is at the heart of what we do. As children, the founders of our organization were brought together by education and it empowered them to give back. Therefore, we fully appreciate the value of providing others with the same opportunity.

There are parts of Anglophone Cameroon where it has not been safe for many children to go to school for the past six years due to an ongoing crisis.

Even when they can go, many children cannot afford to continue their education because they have lost their parents or caregivers to the war, or their surviving guardians have lost their source of income.

To help address this problem, the Mendem Foundation has prioritized educational outreach by identifying, sponsoring, and mentoring children who lack the resources to attend school but cannot afford to miss out. This outreach program is currently focused on the North-West, South-West, Littoral, and Central regions of Cameroon, and includes pupils and students from primary to tertiary levels of education.

The Foundation provides tuition, uniforms, books, transportation, mentorship, and remedial classes, and its teams carry out after-school check-ins, celebrate birthdays, organize excursions, community service, and play dates, all with the aim of making the children feel loved and cared for.

The Foundation’s comprehensive approach puts a big emphasis on mentorship and includes a Career Parenting Program that connects children with “adoptive parents” who help prepare them for a future of positive impact.

Career Parents

The Foundation has a Career Parenting Program that matches children with “adoptive parents” to assist them in preparing for a future of positive impact. We began with 14 participants in 2020 and now have almost 73 participants.

Our mission is executed by a dedicated team of volunteers, local coordinators, and partners. We work closely with the NGO, Royalty World, located in the South-West region, to bring many of our visions to life.

They operate an educational center where the children can come to learn, and there is a daycare available for the children of participants so they can attend school without concern.

We have provided laptops to the center to improve the computer literacy of the children. We are committed to establishing similar empowering structures in more locations.

The Foundation is currently organizing an essay contest that aims to encourage children to think critically and come up with viable solutions to problems in their communities. By participating in this contest, children will learn that they have the power to make a positive impact and effect change in their surroundings. We are passionate about providing safe spaces for children to learn, grow and become the best versions of themselves.

The Mendem Foundation is dedicated to supporting education by providing children with the necessary fees, books, and uniforms that they may not be able to obtain on their own.


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