Our Leadership

Our core team has experience in startups, philanthropy, behavioral science, international relations, and engineering. This diverse and experienced leadership team works with our expansive network of skilled part-time and volunteer members on the ground.
Our members work in media, programs, and marketing departments to bring Mendem Foundation projects to life. Their dedication to our cause is crucial to our operations across 4 countries, and the delivery of vital projects to women, youth, and entire communities in rural Africa.

Frederick Dzekashu

Vice President

Camilla Bejingsi

Financial Secretary

Patience Kijem

Chief Operating Officer

Clement Tala

Media & Public Relations Director

Christian Fondufe

Financial Secretary

Ayangyangka Jumbam

Program Director - Dignity

Mr. Kilian Asangana

Secretary General

Stars Penn

Program Director - Education

Benedict Anchang

Grants Director

Joseph Biame Buh

Project Impact Director

Mawo Pascal

Outreach Manager


Our Optimistic Coordinators



Nkemajen Regina Mangoh empowers the less privileged in Yaoundé, Cameroon, through counseling and advocacy.



Meet Mrs. Alice Luma: resilient, compassionate, and empowering. Her journey from adversity to entrepreneurship and philanthropy inspires us all.



Samtan Sean Kendeh: Dedicated advocate for social justice, mental health, and children's education, with a background in law, social work, and poultry farming expertise.